Uinta Basin Ozone Work Group

Map Courtesy Utah DEQ – Click to View USU’s Real-Time Ozone Map

Welcome to the Uinta Basin Ozone Work Group information sharing site. The Uinta Basin community is affected by episodic high ozone levels and an EPA-designated ozone nonattainment status. This site is intended to collect resources, provide updates, and promote constructive problem-solving as the area works towards improving ozone levels.

Please check frequently for Updates!

Mission statement: The Uinta Basin Ozone Working Group Work would bring together tribal and government decision-makers, stakeholders, and experts in an effort to find solutions and help the Uinta Basin achieve attainment. The UBOWG would aim to foster collaboration, develop mutual understanding, and benefit from collective knowledge and synergies to identify:

  • effective, economically viable measures to reduce ozone levels in the Uinta Basin
  • roadblocks to future environmentally responsible development
  • public information, educational resources, and beneficial actions to support ozone level reductions.